Proxychains on OSX Mountain Lion


Link below is not working anymore. To install Proxychains, you can install it directly using brew

infidel:~ goo$ brew install proxychains-ng

Here is the step-by-step solution to get it works:

Setup a working directory, I’m using ~/build-temp/

infidel:~ goo$ mkdir build-temp
infidel:~ goo$ cd build-temp

Download Proxychains from here (you may using wget or via the browser) and extract

infidel:build-temp goo$ tar xzvf proxychains-3.1.tar.gz

Download the patch file for Proxychains here (thanks to chrootlabs guy)

infidel:build-temp goo$ wget

Patch the Proxychains

infidel:build-temp goo$ patch -p1 <proxychains-3.1_osx.diff

Install the Proxychains

infidel:build-temp goo$ cd proxychains-3.1
infidel:proxychains-3.1 goo$ ./configure --PREFIX=/opt/local
infidel:proxychains-3.1 goo$ cd proxychains
infidel:proxychains goo$ make
infidel:proxychains goo$ sudo make install

Create symbolic links to make it run from anywhere

infidel:proxychains goo$ mkdir ~/.libs
infidel:proxychains goo$ mkdir ~/.proxychains
infidel:proxychains goo$ ln -s /opt/local/lib/libproxychains.3.0.0.dylib ~/.libs/
infidel:proxychains goo$ ln -s /opt/local/etc/proxychains.conf ~/.proxychains/

Now comment out the proxy_dns option in proxychains.conf file (this causes trouble)

infidel:proxychains goo$ sudo nano ~/.proxychains/proxychains.conf

Proxychains should works now, you may test it using lynx

infidel:~ goo$ proxychains lynx