Distinct TFTP Server <=3.10 Directory Traversal Vulnerability

Overview Distinct TFTP Server is part of Distinct Intranet Servers made by Distinct. Corp. Distinct TFTP Server version 3.10 is susceptible to directory traversal attack. Attacker can exploit this vulnerability to retrieve or upload files outside of the TFTP server root directory. Software Description From Distinct website: Distinct Intranet Servers, which includes FTP Server, TFTP, LPD,…More

Directory Traversal with DotDotPwn (HTTPS Mode)

This is my experience when I was dealing with some applications which have a Directory Traversal vulnerability. I was using DotDotPwn by nitr0us when finding vulnerability on Quickshare File Server 1.2.1 (on the FTP protocol). I also used DotDotPwn when I was doing a pentest on my client. So, let the experience tell you the…More

Aviosoft DTV Player 1.x Stack Buffer Overflow

Aviosoft DTV Player is a multiple format video player application. Aviosoft DTV Player and possibly earlier versions fail to properly handle malformed user-supplied data within a playlist (.plf) file before copying it into an insufficiently sized buffer, resulting in a buffer overflow. Software Description Aviosoft DTV Player is a multi-media center combines TV/video/DVD playback,…More

BlazeVideo HDTV Player 6.x Buffer Overflow (another version)

Hi again, we tried to make a universal DEP and ASLR bypass version on BlazeVideo HDTV Player 6.x. This exploit is already public, but we just want to make it universal. Take a look at mona.py awesome tool developed by corelanc0d3r and his team So here is the poc, it will bind to port…More

ScriptFTP <=3.3 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit (MSF)

You might be read about the previous post ScriptFTP Remote BOF, if you are a Metasploit user, you can add this exploit module to your Metasploit Framework. Update: Metasploit has released module for ScriptFTP. You can use it now on Metasploit. . Credit goes to: Cyberheb Otoy TecR0c mr_me  More

Porting Your Exploit to Metasploit

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya udah memberikan tutorial basic exploit development (direct return technique) dan exploit development berbasis SEH. Sekarang mari kita porting exploit tersebut ke Metasploit Framework agar exploit tersebut semakin reliable dan bisa menggunakan macam-macam payload, fitur-fitur canggih yang ada di Metasploit. Kita akan meng-konversi exploit yang pertama, yaitu Free CD to MP3…More

ScriptFTP <=3.3 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit (0day)

ScriptFTP client is vulnerable against remote buffer overflow vulnerability. The condition is triggered while processing LIST FTP command with excessive length. The vulnerability is confirmed in version 3.3. Other version may also be affected. Software Description ScriptFTP is a FTP client designed to automate file transfers. It follows the commands written on a text file…More

SEH Based Stack Overflow – The Basic

Kali ini saya akan coba tehnik lain dari stack overflow, yaitu stack overflow berbasis SEH. Apa itu SEH? silakan dibaca diliteratur-literatur berikut: Structured Exception Handling Win32 Exception handling for assembler programmers Tidak ada yang lebih menyenangkan daripada belajar sambil mencoba. Kita akan mencoba SEH based stack overflow pada program yang pernah di post oleh sickness,…More